Varieties of motorhome rental

Varieties of motorhome rental

American RV classification system differs from the European and has its own features. What is about caravanning, you have an opportunity to travel on an RV (recreation vehicle) – a high grade truck with all facilities or you can get trailers for rent in Sacramento. In such case you need to have a truck to connect trailer to.

All vehicles are divided into the types. American tradition can boast on a great number of affordable possibilities to get on trip.

Class A rental

RVs of this type are filled with all necessary things and furniture, including water, air heating, convenient canalization system and fire protection. Drivers are also satisfied with rear view mirror cameras, cozy vehicle interior. We don’t describe this type more detailed due to a big quantity of information. In any case, if you have already traveled on this RV Class, you probably know about its increased comfort.

Rent Class B rental

It`s obviously that this type is less luxurious than previous but has similar facilities. RV includes sleeping and dining area and portable toilet.  Some manufactures provide motorhomes with extended chassis, thereby to supply with more facilities and give an opportunity to place 2-3 people extra. Rent RV Class B is an excellent solution for short trips with a small number of people

Class C rental

It’s the cheapest kind of motorhome, but enough comfortable for the undemanding clients. This type keeps the cab of the basic version, on which the motorhome is built in. In such case, the separate entrance for a driver and passenger is affordable. Alcove as usual is under the cabin. Class C is easier to drive than class A, especially to those who have not had previous experience.

TT – Travel Trailer rental

Travel trailer rental vary from not so big to very long. By the way, some people even live in travel trailers like in the casual house and smaller ones are used like trailers for traveling. A full equipped kitchen, a bathroom including separate shower are provided in the travel trailers and the hall and bedroom are also available, but their size depends on the trailer length. Among the large selection of trailers for rent in Sacramento you will easily find the right option for you and your family.

FW – Five Wheels rental

This recreational vehicle is only for those who are looking for a maximum comfort and space. The diversity of this type is amazing. The main feature is sliders. FW type is based on their purpose and quantity. Triple slide-out trailers thus are common in high end models.

Toy hauler RV rental

It made especially for lovers of outdoor activities. Except of standard living area, toy hauler contains all your favorite means of transport (bicycle, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV etc. – everything which related with hobby) Of course you have less free space, but in case you can’t go without a “toy”, this model is the best solution.

Rent RV and choose the best one from all possible options for renting and buying transport you will find at our parks.

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