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What are the generator usage fees?

Generator is FREE and usage is Unlimited!

Are Pets allowed?

Yes! We love pets! The cost is $125 per trip.

What are your hours of operation?

We are usually available 8 am to 7 pm by appointment only. Viewings and rentals of RVs are to be by appointment only set up in advance.

What are the mileage fees?

There are a standard 100 free miles per day with .25 each additional mile.

What are the Prep Fees?

There is a $150 prep fee for any rental unit.

What are the cleaning fees?

There is a $50 cleaning fee option if you do not want to clean the interior of the rented RV. You must let us know about this before the rental as after the rental the price is doubled to $100.

Will you nickel and dime me on my deposit when the RV is dropped off?

No, we will not. Every fee or charge would have already confirmed by you before the rental even began. Our prices are fair and upfront. If Rental is returned in unacceptable conditions by our rental agreement, or with damages, additional charges may apply.

Are there any surprise fees?

All quotes include an out the door price with all taxes and fees. There are no surprises.

What are the sewage fees?

Emptying the Sewer is FREE and included in the rental!

How does insurance work?

For insurance you would need to provide a binder through your carrier, usually free. A simple call will get you all needed details and information. Gieco is the number one carrier who does not do binders. If you do not have insurance or your insurance would not be able to cover the rental you have an option of going through our commercial rental policy with MBA Choice. Typically, insurance premiums are 20-30 a day paid directly to them. We cannot rent you an RV if there is No insurance coverage.

Can I tow behind the RV?

Yes, you may! Towing charges are $5 per day or $100 per trip.

What type of deposits is there?

There is a total $1000 deposit due to rent an RV. To reserve an RV half of that amount, $500, is due. For reservation purposes we accept Cash, Check, Travelers Check, or Cashers check. Reservations without a deposit cannot be held or confirmed. Cancellations will result in a loss of deposit. We allow for customers to rebook up to a year if cancellation was made due to health, family, or work concerns but new rental has to be equal in cost to that of previous cancelled rental. There is a possibility that new dates and same RV may not be available so different vehicle may be offered.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For the final payment we accept Cash, Cashiers check, Travelers Check, Check (if given at least 3 weeks in advance for it to clear), or bank transfer (if done at least 3 days in advance).

How early in advance do I need to pay for the rental?

Payment for the rental is due upon pick up.

Is there a checkout process you follow when RV picked up and returned?

We strictly follow a rigorously detailed check-out/ check-in process which guarantees for a knowledgeable walkthrough. Vehicles pictures are taken from every corner making sure we agree on condition of RV.

How long does check out usually take?

Check out usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What happens if there are any break downs?

If there are any breakdowns or road concerns we must know about them before any action is taken for repairs. We fully authorize any repairs or purchases. All repairs will be done in the shortest time possible and we will do everything to once again provide you with a safe vehicle with you as a driver bound for adventure.

How to you handle mechanical issues of the RV?

Before any rental our rentals go through a tough screening process where each and every issue is found and repaired to prevent any road inconvenience.  If anything does not work as planned it is your responsibility to acquire phone service if none and communicate with us for a resolve. 99% of times and issue is due to user error. With years in the RV industry we would know what to do.

How old do I have to be to rent an RV?

In order to rent an RV, you would have to be at least 25 years of age.

Can I add additional drivers?

Yes! We allow for you to add any additional driver free of charge. We must know about this in advance before pick up of RV.

Can I climb on the roof?

The RV roof top is off limits during a rental period for one of three reasons. 1. You may damage the ladder while climbing up. 2. You may damage the roof while on the roof. 3. You may fall off the roof (12 ft Drop). All have happened.

Do you provide any tools?

As a company who cares about their customers wanting for them to return safe and sound, tools will not be provided for the rental period for obvious reasons. If there are any road concerns, your Insurance road side assistance will be called. That way the pros do their work and you do yours by relaxing.

What are our expectations when returning the RV?

We expect for the RV to be full of fuel and propane along with an interior left in acceptable condition. If you would like to prepay for an interior cleaning that can be possible at $50 before a rental or $100 after a rental.

Who will be doing the walk around, check-in, and check-out with me?

The same representative who originally answered your phone call will be the one who does the check-in and check-out of the RV to provide you with the best service possible.

Is there a phone number I can call if I have any questions?

Yes! You may call our 24/7 emergency hotline for any questions what so ever.

Can I smoke in the RV?

NO Smoking is allowed in any of our vehicles. Smoking in our RVs will result in a minimum charge of $250 to deodorize and treat the vehicle by removing any and absolutely all smoking odors.

Do I have to return a full tank of gas?

Yes! We will give you a full tank of gas and will also expect the same.

Do I need to maintain the RV throughout the rental?

It is your responsibility as a renter to check all fluid levels at each fuel fill up to make sure all are up to level and correct. If any unusual loss of fluids occurs it is your responsibility to let us know.

What if I cancel my rental?

Cancellations in the summer time result in a loss of deposit.

What if I return RV later/ earlier than expected?

To return your RV rental earlier we would need to know this in advance and schedule an appointment for a new RV drop off time. Earlier drop off will not result in unused days being refunded. To return an RV later than expected we would also need to know as early in advance, for such a change, and give prior authorization as we are constantly booking new rentals. Your change of plans may interfere with another rental. A minimum charge of 2 days will apply to a late unauthorized RV return for every 1 day of rental.