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Additional Services

Additional Services

SAFE: ($5 per day or $30 trip) Feel relieved when you know that all of your belongings are locked on a key code only you and your family know.

BIKE RENTAL: ($5 per day or $30 trip per bike) Enjoy scenery on bike trails wherever you are. Our bikes range from 20in to 26in. We have mountain and cruiser bike options.

BIKE RACK RENTAL: ($5 per day or $40 per trip) Load up all of your bikes (up to 5) and take them on your trip. You will get an opportunity to ride on bike trails, maneuver around town in tightest of corners, and get a little exercise all at once.

CONVIENIENCE KIT: ($150 per kit) Kit includes Pots, Pans, Silverware, Plates, Cups, and More.

COOLER: ($3 per day or $30 per trip) Have you ever thought that a refrigerator is simply not enough for your huge party? We’ve got you covered.

CHEMICAL KIT: ($20 per kit) Includes up to 10 chemical packages. Kit controls odors in sewage tanks after usage.

BEDDING KIT: ($70 per kit) Includes 2 pillows, 3 towels, and a full bed sheets set. Up to 2 people for 1 bed

PREPAID PROPANE FILLING: ($3 per day) Filling fee for prepaid propane. Propane refilled at no charge when RV returned if paid for in advance.

GPS NAVIGATION: ($10 per day or $100 per Trip) Travel the USA with a peace of mind by having a portable GPS navigation right in your lap. With this device, you will never get lost.

CAMPING CHAIR RENTAL: ($1 per day per chair or $10 per Trip) Take a seat whenever and wherever you wish with our rental chairs. Just strap them to your back and off you go.

CAMPING TABLE RENTAL: ($5 per day or $30 per Trip) No need to worry about finding a camp ground with a table when you have your own. Enjoy eating outdoors inches away from your home on wheels.

KUERIG COFFEE MAKER: ($5 per day or $30 per Trip) There is nothing better than waking up and making yourself a cup of hot coffee to refresh for the day ahead of you. With our coffee maker you will never forget this feeling throughout your trip.

CAMPING GAZEBO RENTAL: ($5 per day or $40 per trip) Now with more and more camp grounds not having shaded areas, a pop-up gazebo is the way to go. At $5 a day sunburns will never get the best of you.

TIRE AND WINDSHEILD PROTECTION: ($10 per day or $120 per trip) Protect your RV rental with tire and windshield protection. Although a tire issue is unlikely it is the responsibly of the renter to reimburse for tire or windshield damage. Purchasing this protection rids the renter of liability. Applicable for up to two tires or one windshield per rental.