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Traffic laws for RVs in different states

Buying recreational vehicle you think about traveling on it, as well as when you rent an RV. And it’s great. But from state to state there are different traffic laws for RVs, even if you took it at RV parks Sacramento CA. If you decide to travel by your own or rental RV you need to know which states you will go through. Of course many traffic rules are the same as for other cars on the road. But some laws apply only for RVs. Let’s see which of the rules are most common.

Common laws in USA for recreation vehicles

Drivers must drive at the right lane. The exception is when you go on and off the highway, passing or preparing to turn. Almost on all highways of the United States you can turn to the right on red. But if you want to park your RV check the traffic rules of the places you are going to stay at. Some associations of homeowners let the RVs be parked only for several hours.

Speed limits in different states

Permitted speed for RVs in Texas at night is 65 miles per hour and at day — 70 mph.  You can’t go on RV in Colorado more than 75mph. California has a separation for RVs without trailer and with it. For recreation vehicles towing the trailer maximum permitted speed is 55 miles per hour and without it — 70 mph.

Most of the speed laws are posted along the roads and you shouldn’t know them. But some laws are only in drivers’ handbook. When you rent an RV you must be twice as attentive to the rules.

Permitted trailer’s width and length

In many states trailers’ width should be not more than 8 feet. Among these states are: Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Oklahoma, Washington.

And Connecticut allows maximum RVs’ width — 7.5 feet, permitted length is 24 feet.

California laws allow RV with one trailer and Arizona — more than one. So, when you are at RV parks Sacramento CA, you should already know about your route in order to find a suitable trailer.

Other restrictions

In some US states there are law limitations for propane. For example, if your way goes through Fort McHenry tunnel or Baltimore Harbor tunnel you can’t have tanks with propane.

You can’t go through the bridge with trailer on the way Illinois — Iowa.

There are also brake and hitch requirements in some states. For example, if your trailer is more than 3000 pounds there are should be breakaway braking system in your RV. For California if you have an RV more than 1000 pound independent brake system is required.

As you see traveling through the country on RVs is not easy. But if you’ve already decided to make a cross-country trip just check all rules for states you will go through. You can even make a small rule books for this trip, when you are using travel trailer rental. And it certainly will make you ready to everything.

In any case, when you think that you do not know something – you can always contact us for help, and we will show you the best solutions for your trip. We have a lot of experience, and therefore our managers will accurately tell you all the details of traveling with houses on wheels.