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Top 5 RV for rent. Sporting! American!

If you like to have an active journey, you probably should try to rent an RV and feel this way of travelling. American motorists have extensive experience in the use of houses on wheels in a variety of roles. One such is tailgating. So, here are the top 10 of the best tailgating-cars.

Coachmen Leprechaun 319DS — functional RV for rent

This motorhome will not leave indifferent any fans: 32-inch TV, stereo, game ports, kitchen table, sink, refrigerator, gas equipment, mobile grill… and all this on external wall of the car under a powerful 6-meter awning. The exterior of this RV is very hospitable. Is it worth talking about its interior?

Fleetwood Providence 42P

And this is just the case when you need to pay attention to the luxurious interior of the tailgating-auto. Not every bar is ready to offer its visitors such conditions. At the same time, the situation in the trailer cabin is truly homely and cozy. Soft leather furniture, kitchen furniture from high-quality wood with an acrylic surface, self-contained dining room, water, gas, vinyl ceilings, roller blinds. And all this is headed by a 42-inch HDTV with an excellent stereo system, and complements the 32-inch plasma in the bedroom.

Forest River BERKSHIRE 360QL

This 11-meter diesel version is luxurious and authoritative in all respects. In the interior there is granite and mahogany, and that says a lot! In general, the salon of the car looks with good taste. All communications and technical equipment are included: televisions, audio systems, refrigerator, water, gas.

Forest River GEORGETOWN XL 378TS

The interior of this tailgating-auto has one of the most creative features among other houses on wheels in the style of tailgating. The first thing that catches your eye is spaciousness in the cabin. The second effect is the style of the interior itself: practical classics with elements of modern minimalism. In addition to all the necessary furniture, there is also a shower and a fireplace in the car. There is also a ventilation cellar. The roof of the trailer is made of one-piece fiberglass. The technology is also at the proper level: to the 32-inch plasma with LED backlight is attached four powerful speakers that are quite capable of recreating the atmosphere of the stadium.


With such a luxury trailer, you can “sacrifice” even viewing the game at the stadium, not to mention the pubs. Externally FORETRAVEL IH45 looks more than impressive. Almost 14-meter diesel tailgating-auto will look decent on any RV Park. It is worth saying that the interior of the car can be very different, custom-made, and therefore unique.

This is only a small part of all possible RV models, which you can get for rent. Be sure that you will find something special with our company. At our RV parks Sacramento CA there are a lot of models for any traveler, and each of them will give you new experience and unforgivable memories. So try something new with our company, rent an RV and have fun!

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