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The RV’s history: where and when did it develop?

The mobile cottages and bungalows have become popular among married couples. Organization Tin Can Tourists and many others, accept all owners of antique trailers and houses on wheels. There are also specialized clubs serving specific brands and styles, such as Airstreams, Shastas, Spartans, Avions and many others.

Judging by the small number of motorhomes, trailers, truckers for holidaymakers, and private buses on the roads, one might think that RVing is a relatively new phenomenon. However, “houses on wheels” have a long and rich history. The industry is developing to this day, offering the best and most comfortable homes on wheels to its customers. Today we constantly use the advantage of motorhomes, there are a lot of communities of Recreational Vehicle Lovers, travelers. It became really easy to get travel trailer rental and go exploring the world outside.

The settlement of America was in search of a better life. It all started with the famous “Conestoga wagons”, which were made by Studebaker. In these mobile homes, families lived for several months traveling to the West, and often after their arrival, until a permanent home was built.

After Henry Ford built the Model T, the Americans took to the road with their Tin Lizzies. The first thing that they discovered was that the roads did not improve much since the carts rolled over them. The second thing they found out about is that you cannot find a place to spend the night. Even if they get to the city, there was no guarantee that they would find an overnight stay.

To solve the problem of housing, tents and canopies were tied to Model T, loading them with various food products, packed in tin cans, and cans of water. Soon, experienced entrepreneurs began to make all kinds of camping accessories for cars, including stoves, folding furniture and washing equipment. For those who do not want to mess with the tent, Outers Equipment Company from Chicago has made a cunning device that turned the car seat into a bed. “Take a folding bed and sleep in the car,” – was said in the advertisement.

There were also negative stories. The media complained about nomadic gypsies with their mobile bungalows, who do not pay taxes and fill city parks with their trailers and garbage. In the late 1930s, comic cards also appeared, propagating the merits of a carefree lifestyle and adventures that occurred along the way.

The Second World War led to a lull in this area. Nevertheless, after the war, many of the aircraft manufacturers produced light and strong aluminum trailers. Over the next few decades, before the use of fiberglass, almost all trailers were made of aluminum.

Since the advantage of motor homes has become obvious, the industry has begun to develop incredibly quickly, offering more and more solutions for mobile life. Of course, there were bad years when it was incredibly difficult to sell a new model of a house on wheels. These days everything is quite simple. You can simply go to the Sacramento RV parks, rent a trailer or a house on wheels of any size and configuration or consider other options, try in real life and decide on a purchase.

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