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The RV Pioneer

Trailer rental Sacramento is a familiar thing at nowadays. And it became so with a very short time. The history of the appearance of mobile homes is rich and interesting.

Looking back to the history of motorhomes, it’s time to tell about one more — namely, the 1934 Thompson House, which was released in 1934. By the way, this was a man who laid the foundations for such a concept as the “motor home”, before that it was believed that the house should only stand on the ground and be immobile, but Arthur Thompson initiated the notion that a house should be everywhere where its owner is.

Arthur Thompson was born in 1900 in Ontario, California. And from childhood he was crazy about distant travels, and probably, like every boy, he was astonished by the Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”.

However, despite the convenience of auto travel, there are some restrictions. So, there is no way to fully relax and fully to eat. For this reason, he came up with the idea that the house should go after its owners. And he immediately began to realize his idea.

Buying the old Studebaker, Arthur built his own extra module for his money, which allows not only to stand upright, but also to place everything necessary for a rest in the cabin. In addition to full beds, of course a few smaller sizes than normal one, there were toilet and many other interesting things as for that time.

As it was already written, the basis for this motor home was the Studebaker model of the T-series, which belonged to the class of so-called “commercial trucks” of low payload capacity.

After that, Arthur decided to build a motorhome with his own hands, thereby setting the beginning of a new direction for auto travel, now for a comfortable trip; tourists do not have to stay at the hotel or motel all the time, since the stuff is to be right next to you.

So, people could see a house on wheels, trimmed with stainless steel – which was up to the auto fashion.

By the way, it was Thompson House that served as the starting point, and already in 1938 Arthur and his partners – attorney Steve Gammersonsen, and Luke Labata founded a store that was called the “House on Wheels”&.

Technical characteristics of the Thompson House

  1. Six-cylinder engine, Ford company
  2. Gearbox – three stages,  mechanical
  3. Fuel  – Gasoline
  4. Number of passengers 2-3
  5. Finishing – Genuine Leather
  6. Heating –  Car heater
  7. Production year – 1934
  8. The maximum speed is 100 km / h
  9. Power reserve 600 kilometers
  10. The fuel consumption is 18 liters per hundred kilometers.

Currently, Thompson’s motorhome is represented at the Petersen Museum in Santiago, where everyone can take a glance at it.

Today we have the descendants of these first models of houses on wheels. Motorhome rental is a simply way to travel as you wish and go anywhere you want. We have a large number of houses on wheels of your choice. They are comfortable, modern, safe and they will take you to meet unforgettable adventures. If you have always wanted to have an unusual and exciting holiday, come to RV parks Sacramento CA and start your perfect trip with ElijahRVs!