RVs of Sacramento

The Pacific Coast Highway with RVs of Sacramento

The Pacific Coast Highway is very secluded and perfect place for a quiet holiday. Here you can enjoy nature and fellowship, contemplating magical views. The easiest way to spend such a vacation is by renting RVs of Sacramento.

Romantic place to spend time

One of the most picturesque roads in America is the Pacific Coast Highway. Ride on it is simply a must for every traveler that follows from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and soon you’ll understand why.

A journey through the Pacific Coast Highway, which combined several roads, merged into one, won’t last for one day. On the way there are so many interesting things that the road can be compared to a necklace, beaded, each bead of which is a curious place, a friendly and cozy city or a spectacular panoramic view. Needless to say, this is the most popular tourist route in California. Trailers for rent in Sacramento constantly take to go to this place, because only with a house on wheels you can fully enjoy this road.

How to travel?

Every year many RVs and trailers are noticed following on this road from one place of interest to another. It`s so convenient to “settle” in your motorhome and observe Highway 1. Remember that you can’t call yourself an experienced traveler unless you haven`t been on the Pacific Coast Highway. It can be compared to the tourist who has been in Paris and didn’t see the Eiffel Tower.

You can rent RV or buy it. There are so big choice that it`s very easy to find one which fit you.

What to see on Highway 1?

Santa Barbara

A very few tourists deliberately and purposefully bypass Santa Barbara. Here you will find pretty streets, where the atmosphere of a measured and unhurried life reins, majestic churches, an impressive courthouse, city beaches, scattered cozy cafes and restaurants and beautiful architecture.

Wine and wine shops

Along the way, you will meet a lot of wine shops and wineries, ready to conduct excursions and tastings to boast of their Californian wine. By the way, the wine is very good, you can see for yourself, and it’s free.

San Luis Obispo

A small town with a rural flavor will be pleased with cozy houses, where you want to stay and live with classic American bars, such as in the movies — with a bar, high chairs and a bartender, slowly wiping the glass.

Hearst Castle

Traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway by trailer homes for rent, you can reach the real castle — Hearst castle, attached to the top of the “Enchanted Hill” overlooking the ocean.

Inside the castle there are three types of excursions: the main rooms, the upper floors and verandas, as well as the kitchen and cottages. The cost of each excursion is 25 dollars for adults and 12 dollars for children 5-12 years.

Elephant Seal Rookery

Don’t accelerate quickly, so as not to skip past the nicest elephant seals. The place where you can find these charismatic handsome, is indicated on the map as Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. There is an observation deck along the shore and there is even a small tree-paved trail Seal Rookery.


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