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The motorhome rental and speed

The motorhome rental and speed

The motorhome is full of comfort. You are able to go wherever you want to, without leaving the house. This is due to the fact that a RV or a motorhome is a house on wheels, where everything is available for life. A RV is a complete autonomy of existence, complete freedom of movement! Absolute freedom comes when the car replaces a house, hotel or tent. As a carefree snail traveling with its house on wheels, we rush, fly an arrow on the road or stop anywhere in this flight, in the most beautiful and most desired places. The motorhome rental gives us the opportunity to go wherever we want to live, relax, sleep, etc. Also, it is much more profitable than traveling in another way or buying your own trailer. This style of travel is called “caravanning”. The planet is easily revealed to those one who obey its roads. The wind of freedom drives a trailer or a motorhome farther and farther, gorgeous avenues of capitals are replaced by highways and country roads during the way to.  

Getting back to the reality

However, to be assured of you and your family safety pay attention to Traffic Laws. Traffic Laws isn’t similar in the all country. It varies from the state to state. That means that peculiarities are obviously to be taken note to. Good advice: when planning a route, look how many states or countries you will change and write to yourself rules for these areas.

Let’s now show you the rules that we know and want to show you. When you want rent RV, it is important to double all road rules, since you need to take into account the fact that you are traveling on a new transport.

On the north-east of the country, in Massachusetts, New-York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania the most permissible speed is the lowest in the USA – 65MPH.  In the other western parts: in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Mississippi, etc. the speed is limited to 70MPH.

In the western states the average maximum speed is 75MPH. The lowest limit set up in Hawaii – only 60 MPH. On the other hand, in Texas in some road section gain speed up to 85MPH.

According to the law, you can be fined in case speed is higher on 5 MPH.

Speed limit in the cities

In some parts of the city the maximum speed ranges about 20-25 MPH, especially it decreases at the schools, dormitory area. You will be warned by a special sign, though. But in Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico the rules are less strict and you may drive no faster than 55MPH. But you will have to pay a fine if the over speed even on 1MPH be noticed.

Before starting a journey….

If you are going to rent an RV, calculate it total weight. In many states for heavy vehicles the speed limit is lower on 5-15 MPH. That is because of long braking distance and purpose of reducing the quantity of fatal collision. Also don’t forget about the speed restriction in the night period. It’s also marked on the signs.

Besides, if you are riding in a bad weather condition (torrential rain, hail, snowfall, etc.) also slow down your RV but if you move too slowly, you break the rules too.

Motorhome rental is an easy way to start your journey, but you always should remember about your safety. Have a good trip!