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The most interesting motorhomes

The most interesting motorhomes

Usually, the type of trailers for sale in Sacramento is not surprising. We are all used to seeing them quite similar. Sometimes there are an unique trailers and houses on wheels. Most often, it is the merit of their owners. Many RV Lovers adore to improve their homes on wheels. But today we will consider the most unique models, which can hardly be one of the Rv for rent.

The largest RV

Absolutely comfortable can be life on the road, if we are talking about the RV from Anderson Mobile Estates. It is considered not only the largest in the world, but also one of the most luxurious motorhomes.

The trailer on two floors has a luxurious hotel with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a conference room. In addition, it is equipped with seven plasma TVs, the latest electronics. Separately, it must be saying about the stunning interior and fine furniture.

In this RV a family of three or four people will feel completely free of inconvenience. Such a house on wheels can compete with many elite luxury houses and steep hotels.

It should be noted that getting into an accident, traveling on the world’s largest house on wheels is extremely difficult, because the driver’s review is three hundred and sixty degrees. This was made possible by the installation of an ultra-modern camera on the outside.

The weight of the largest house on wheels is thirty tons, and its price is two million dollars. It is known that the owner of the house is Ashton Kutcher.

By the way, these is really RV for rent. Basically, they are popular with celebrities, music bands. Most often they are taken during the tour. Maybe there are similar trailers for sale in Sacramento.

It looks so fantastic!

You probably might have a party here.

The cheapest motorhome

Not everyone travels by car; there are those who prefer a bicycle as a vehicle. It turns out that there is also a bicycle house on wheels. Initially, it was assumed that the bicyclist would tow such a house as a things trailer, in parking lots he would serve as a place for rest. The main requirements for this design are lightness, low center of gravity and a small silhouette. However, with this trailer, pedaling the cyclists was not easy, because of what they refused such “convenience” for travel.

The artist Kevin Cyr revived the concept of the bicycle home in his product, abandoning the towed structure. His three-wheeled bike looks like a pedicab, where instead of passengers there is a living room. His invention was called Camper bike. Despite the fact that the living space is limited, you can enter through the side door. The height of the ceiling is sufficient for a person to stand in a full-height house.

Looks really nice, right?

The smallest motorhome

The design of the world’s smallest RV was offered by Designer Cornelius Comanns. He called his invention Bufalino. Such a house is able to satisfy all the requirements of a lone traveler. It is equipped with a working place, a bed, a kitchen with a stove and sink, clothes dryer and a wardrobe. ¬†Bufalino advantage`s – good cross-country ability and economical fuel consumption.

There is no need to turn the pedals, at least.

So, these were the strangest and unique houses on wheels. In the meantime, we can offer you to rent a normal one and feel great in it anywhere, anyway! The best mobile home rentals at ElijahRVs!