Motorhome rental

The most frequent questions and answers about caravanning

What kind of brand to choose?

It deepens on your preferences, of course. There are more than 15 brands at our Sacramento RV parks. You have to decide on what kinds of bodywork do you prefer. Some manufacturers provide colorful ones. Then search for an affordable price. According to the classes of RV (A, B, C) or trailers it can vary. Make sure that a model you are going to buy is provided with all equipment you are count on. A brand is not the most important, the main thing is that you feel comfortable. Choose more roomy options if traveling with family or more compact for traveling alone.

Motorhome rental or purchase?

It also depends on your financial possibilities and experience. And during taking a decision it`s recommended taking into account the frequencies of your trip. If you are crazy about caravanning just buy your own motorhome, and on the contrary, being only a newcomer it would be better to try on your interest in it. Motorhome rental helps you determine which type of RV you like best.

What amount of cargo can I take?

Buyer can find this information in the technical certificate. In the average it`s 440 ft., plus minus 110 ft. (maximum is 661 ft., minimum – 330 ft.) Don`t leave out that these 440 ft. contain the weight of water and gas cylinder. That means that having approximately 33 ft. of water and 88 of gas, only 319 ft. can be used for the other cargo. In most cases this is more than enough.

Is fuel consumption becoming bigger when used a trailer?

Yes it is. It grows as usual on 25-40% according to manner of driving. In any case, caravanning is quite an economical way to spend a vacation, but do not forget to calculate all the costs in advance. RVs of Sacramento are very comfortable and economical, but much depends on you.

What is a temperature range for the RV using?

What is about air heating system the minimum temperature is +5…-13 °F depending on a brand. In case it`s a water heating system, temperature range plunges to -49°F.

What kind of heating is to be chosen?

The installation of an air heating system instead of a water heating increases the price up to 2 500$.

Does every trailer have a shower and hot water?

Features is defined by RV`s class and model.  There is a possibility of adding electric or gas boiler. Basically, each of them has all the necessary amenities.

How big water supply in the trailer?

Water tank in the new-made trailer contains 2.6 – 3.9 gallons. Extra built-in tank increases this amount up to 11.8 gallons. You may have noticed that it isn`t enough for a far trip. But being on the road traveler is obviously to come across numerous camping, where you can get it.

What is a camping`s assignment?

If you are an experienced traveler you are obviously to know all about it, but we assume that you are only a newcomer, so the information below is special for you.

Each camping has a number of stars. Not all provide an opportunity to come in with the RVs of Sacramento.  It’s popular to stay overnight in a camping which situated in a national park, suggesting many tourist routs.

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