RV classes: Class B

RV classes: Class B

If you are on the page with this article, then you probably continue to gather information about the types of Sacramento RV. This series of articles about the RV classes is useful to anyone who is trying to understand the topic and pick up an ideal house on wheels. As it became known earlier, there are four types of RV. Today we will tell you about the smallest of them.

Class B

Motorhomes of –°lass B appeared not so long ago, only in the 70’s. Such houses on wheels began to be in demand. Usually it looks like ordinary vans, but it easily turns in the compact house on wheels. Such RV for rent like Class B motorhomes are easy to manage, they can be upgraded and they are quite economical, that’s why Class B motorhomes became so popular. Of course, this class is inferior to others in some things, but there are people to whom it fits just perfectly. This article is useful to you if you want to learn a little more about class B before taking RV for rent.

Most often, the producers of these motorhomes use Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet or Chrysler vans as a base. These vans modernize installing everything you need: shower, kitchen, water tank, electrician and other. If you rent an RV Class B, you can travel with comfort and ease with a couple. Most often these houses are designed only for two. Sometimes there are motorhomes of class B, which can accommodate up to four people.

This transport is quite diverse. Its capabilities can range from small improvements in the cabin to a C-class functional. The possibilities of this class are endless, manufacturers make incredibly comfortable and reliable houses on wheels from ordinary cargo vans. They are different not only because of the availability or lack of amenities, but also because of their size. They can be very small or similar in size to class C, so you will definitely find the most convenient option. Despite the modest size, such houses on wheels can be very comfortable for rest and for traveling. RV Class B is perfect for a couple, but you can feel some discomfort if you will take more passengers.

What are the advantages of class B?

  1. This transport is very convenient because of its size, it can be stored in any garage of standard size.
  2. You will not have any problems with parking, since class B perfectly fits in a standard parking space.
  3. Drive such motorhome is much easier than a motorhome Class A or Class C.

What are the disadvantages of a class B?

  1. There really is not that much place.
  2. Your bed is a table or sofa at the same time. You need to lay out a sofa or a table to organize a bed.
  3. Usually, shower cabins and kitchen sinks tightly crammed into the corners.

If you want to rent an RV that would be small and easy to manage even for a beginner – this class will be perfect for you. It is also a good variant for a couple. It is optimal to plan trips for short distances on such transport. These motorhomes are like a cozy home car, not a trailer. You will like to drive such a van as it is fast enough, maneuverable, economical and safe.

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