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Luxury mobile home rentals in CA

When saying about Americans mobile home rentals it`s need to be noticed that they are of 3 classes – A, B, C, for all kinds of buyers.  The first class A can completely replace entire house. And the acquaintance with the recreational vehicles we start exactly with this one.

So the length is from 35 to 40 ft. and the weight – from 15 000 to 35 000 ft.  In such a vehicle up to 8 people can take a sleep.  A price varies within 60 – 200 000 $, but you can try this type of transport by paying much less. At our RV parks Sacramento CA you can find any class of RV, including royal luxury RV class A for rent. And of course there are RVs for purchase and for hire.

These RV can be compared to the mobile homes, to which many Americans are accustomed. Class A is the most spacious. Besides, the room size can be increased by the retractable boxes, placed as usual in the kitchen or bedroom. Also, can be used retractable awning.

According to the type of fuel, RV divided on a diesel and gasoline. The first one is more economic in using, but costs much too.  The RV on gasoline can be characterized as a one, which requires more fuel than RV on diesel. As a rule people prefer gasoline RV that is why the quantity of these ones are bigger.

Many companies produce motorhomes, such as Fleetwood, Mandalay, Forest River, National RV, Damon, Beaver, Airstream, etc.

Let’s look interior design. At RV parks Sacramento are available from dozens of options of residential buses. Model Fleetwood Bounder Diesel would be taken like an example.

The owner is obviously to feel himself as a king of the world. Bounder inside – is a self-contained apartment. The high is 7 ft. and, thanks to a retractable awning space, can be increased. A room conditionally divided on a two parts, the first is a guest and the second – private a dining room, a kitchen, and a living room are placed in the guest zone; a bedroom and a bathroom – in the private.

The living room decorated with conical mirrors. Here are available a chest of drawers and a pair of comfortable chairs. Satellite TV is also available. Dining room is designed to be occupied by 4 persons, who can conveniently settle down at a panoramic window.

The kitchen table can be transformed into a double bed, if desired. The kitchen has a convection microwave, convenient drawers, and a fridge. A big sink is divided on the two parts.  The surface of kitchen tables is protected from humidity and water. Thanks to a built-in TV you are always up to date. The LCD display rotates 170°.  A washing machine also can be installed.

In the bedroom is a bed without any edges, making it more safety. Beside are nightstands, opposite – home cinema; also available closet with mirror doors, which makes space look visually larger.

As you can see, you can try this luxury transport for a very low price and understand if you want to have your own house on wheels. In case you are interested in buying, we can offer you RV sales Sacramento. Written above is only a small part of all equipment. And worth mentioning that a buyer can choose own interior coloring and option painting of RV, including aerography if he wants to make an RV even more beautiful.

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