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How to rent an RV: choose types and sizes

Nowadays a lot of different types and classes of recreation vehicles are available for buying and renting. But before making your decision you need to explore the most popular of them in order to understand which one will be right for you. We are confident that whatever you choose, the trip will be excellent, but it is in our best interests to make your experience with trailers for rent in Sacramento as good as it possible.

Rent an RV: Motorhomes

This type of RVs is the biggest and the most expensive among vehicles. Motorhomes’ sizes vary from the largest Class A to compact Class B and midsize Class C.

Class A motorhomes is the most convenient for traveling. It looks like a luxury bus equipped with kitchen, bath, living areas, heating and air controls. It is almost like a home. Class A motorhomes are the best choice for long-term traveling with family. 4-5 people can sleep in it and besides it contains the features that make you feel at home.

Class B is compact version of motorhome but good equipped for traveling. It is also known as camper vans. This motorhome offers a roof that is raised for people can go upright. It has kitchen, washroom and maximum four sleeping places. Besides, such motorhomes are easy to drive, maneuver and camp.

Class C is a midsize RV, which sizes vary from 20 to 33 feet. It has almost all advantages that class A has but it is less costly. It has enough place for family easily recognized by the over-the-cab area. This area is usually used like an extra place to sleep.

Rent an RV: Towable RVs

Towable RV must be towed by car, pickup or SUV. This is a good alternative to houses on wheels, if you are interested in trailers for sale in Sacramento. They cost less than motorhomes but offer many facilities of the fully equipped motorhomes. They have their advantages, for example, you can leave the trailer in the parking lot and continue to move around the area by your car.

Travel trailers is the most common recreation vehicle and look like some big comfortable containers. Trailers filled with luxury facilities or equipped just by the most important amenities. You can choose the trailer of any size, so it can be towed by van, pickup truck or SUV.  

5thWheel trailers like the travel trailers but they could be towed only by pickup truck with flat bed. The raised section provides an additional place. Besides, it could be detached and free the tow vehicle for excursions.

Sport utility trailers are for active families. It allows traveling with motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs or snowmobiles on a board. Sport trailers offer basic features as the more expensive trailers and the portable garage for “toys”.

Tent trailers are great for outdoor lovers. This type of trailer is the smallest of towable RVs.  It is the cheapest RVs and usually bought as a first trailer. It could be towed by any family car. It is easy to maneuver and camp.  Basic facilities like toilet, kitchen, washrooms are often minimal.

So what type of RVs you like, and which suits you better?