class c mobile home

Class C mobile home rentals

Recreation Vehicles are presented in 3 classes: A, B, C. The purpose of this article is to show you everything, which concern RV of class C. Class C is the most popular among caravaning lovers. Practically in all RV parks you can find this mobile home rentals. Each model is surely to have special characteristics, which can belong only to this one, but generally, facilities are similar. We would like to show you the RV’s inside on the example of model Minnie Winnie 25 B by Winnebago.

This one made on the basis of Ford E350 (the engine V10, volume 1.8 gallon, 350 horsepower). Fuel consumption accords to an engine volume.

You can get inside by the RV’s door or by the car door.

There is automatic transmission, minimum number of options like a car conditioner, several sockets, record player, and rear view camera. Sometimes there are instances with a large set of functions, but for now we are considering basic additions.

Let’s get inside. On the left side is a fridge, a double bed and an entrance to a bathroom. The fridge works offline on gas and when connecting an electric cable in a parking lot automatically goes into the electric mode.

Bed dress is issued for two people. A toilet and a shower cabin are near. Hot water is also available in the volume of 6 gallons. A water heater works on gas, the electricity isn’t necessary. 40 gallons of cold water are pumped in the machine. This is quite a lot, but if you are planning a long trip then you will need to replenish stocks.

Wasted water from the sink and shower are called “grey” and washes down to a tank named “gray water” (the volume is 27 gallons). Wasted toilet water washes down to a tank “black water” of 23 gallons. There are 2 sleeping places above the driver`s cab and 2 in the salon, which become suitable for relaxing due to folding table.

In the sacramento trailer or motorhome are installed a gas stove, a sink. Over the stove is built-in cooker hood. Higher is microwave. Just like at home you get a full kitchen with everything you need. A Kitchen set from a teaspoon to a sugar bowl is issued. There are saucepans, frying pans, cups, bowls, etc.

Gas cylinder which is also available at the time of buying or at trailer homes for rent is 18 gallons. The fridge, water heater, heating system and generator work on gas. Besides, home has its own climatic system, so there is no need to use a car climate control. But to operate the air conditioner you need electricity because it works only when the power cable is connected or when the generator is running. So as sockets, a TV set, the microwave don`t works without electricity.

A special panel installed near the sink to check the water and runoffs level and there is a generator`s start button.

On the car`s roof locates collapsible antenna, in the RV parks you can find cable television. This is an excellent bonus if you plan to spend time in the RV parks or campgrounds.

For your safety RV and trailer homes for rent provides fire-fighting system.

Enjoy all the features of Sacramento trailer for rent with our company!

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