Caravanning in winter

Caravanning in winter

Modern heating system installed in the RVs of Sacramento means that you can take in caravanning all year. And there is no difference what the weather is outside, because our RVs of Sacramento are incredibly comfortable under any conditions.  Some RV parks offer their service all year round. In an extreme situation you are always be greeted there, providing an opportunity to use toilets and shower with heating, laundry room, so you can have all the same facilities like in summer. But firstly your safety depends on you, so make your best to keep warm and comfortable conditions. Here are some winter tips, use it unless you are for becoming a snowman.

What gas to use?

In winter butane is ineffective due to the temperatures which plunge below freezing.  So propane is needed instead of butane. Besides, the modern appliances works on propane as well so as on butane. However, the central heating system like the other high-off take rates appliances works only on propane.

Fresh water

Your inside water container will freeze in the below zero condition, so you must think about buying the other inside container to which you can transfer your water pump.  Some additives like antifreeze are not recommended, so as they may make damage to health.

Heating system

Flue space heaters are available in the most caravans, which are characterized as safe, having leaved on working all night. But as the risk of blocking system with the snow or wind gust exists, we don’t recommend it on. You shouldn’t leave the LPG heaters on without flues while being asleep and no matter is it a day or a night. The central heating system is supposed to be a perfect resolution of a warm problem, this kind as a rule are built in a new model of RV for rent. But you must have system installed by a professional, don’t try to do it yourself.

Saying about water heaters, for them is not characteristic to be exposed to frost in the occupied RV, and on the contrary. Please, drain down all water before leaving a motorhome for a long time.

About towcar

For a long-term winter traveling it would be better to get an all-terrain vehicle, but for periodical trips take care of the chains, especially in the mountain areas and as an additional option – snow tires.

These are the main points about which you should think before resting in the winter. Winter trip can be no less exciting than summer. Travel trailer rental allows you to go on vacation at any time, even if the window is snow and frost. Think over all the details in advance and do not forget about your own safety, this is really important.

Other useful tips

  • In case there is a snow on the ground, sweep it up from the main cable or it will become embedded.
  • Clear the caravan`s underneath to provide air flow.
  • Don’t use heating all time, it’s worth using a sleeping bags or a warm blankets.
  • Don’t forget about moisture-absorbing crystals, they help to deal with the condensation.

Our team will find you an appropriate travel trailer rental in in any season. We are waiting for you to start your unforgettable vacation together with our company!

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