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Campgrounds vs. RV parks Sacramento CA

If you are on this page that means you are for a great trip. We strongly recommend you not to look back and read more information about RV traveling. What is RVs of Sacramento?  That is clear – a recreation vehicle, a motorhome, packed with everything that you have in your everyday life. It can be an ordinary living bus (RV class A, B, C) or a travel trailer that connects to your family car.

There are two possibility of owning these ones. The first is hiring, and the second buying.  RVs of Sacramento are presented in all affordable classes (A, B, C), the class A is the most luxury and spacious class.

So, let’s imagine you have already obtained RV for rent. The next step is to decide on route. It`s obviously to be the most pleasure part, except for the trip itself of course. Start with a trip to the corners of your state, each of them has beautiful places to visit at least once.

You should think about cargo too, but you don`t leave out thinking about a place to sleep overnight. Sleeping places are all around the road. They can be divided on the two groups.


It located as usual in the rural terrain among trees and bushes. Tents are accepted. Some campgrounds provide hookups but as a rule dump station is available everywhere. There are toilets and showers, the last are not always free. Some rural campgrounds have a length limit for RV. Refine this before navigating the trip route. Or choose a small transport to fit exactly anywhere. Prices are reasonable, approximately 35$ for a night. But the areas with hookups may cost much more than in the state park. You are to stay no more than 10 or 14 days. Campgrounds may be also private. In such case Laundromats, swimming pools, recreation rooms are provided. This is a great place to relax, socialize and find all the necessary amenities.

Drawbacks: In the summer, especially in California campgrounds are crowded and there no place available. You should book a place in advance. Campgrounds are noisier due to people washing up, listening to the radio, playing guitar and so on. You must be ready to a lot of children too.

RV parks Sacramento CA

These areas are the exact opposite to the campgrounds. Firstly, they situated like in the countries so as in the cities. Tents are often forbidden. Here are hookups, electricity, water, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Besides that guests are welcome to make use of a game room, a pool, a store and other facilities. If you hate noise, ride right here, because RV parks Sacramento CA are much quieter. Prices range from 30$ to 100$ for a night.

What is interesting, many people live in their motorhomes for a long time. For those were created a special zone, named “long term live ins”. For the temporary residents is a separate part.  Returning to the long term INS, people live there like in a small country: go for a work or do chores.

What is sure, you must try RV traveling and experience more. Remember that you never go back from the trip the man you was before. Explore new boundaries!

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