RV rental Sacramento

California for 3 weeks with RV rental Sacramento

Special tourist route for travelers with children

Traveling with RV rental Sacramento is one of the most freedom ways in choosing the places of interest to visit, especially when it goes about sunny California. Due to mobility of your transport you may ride everywhere you want to. Everything you need is to stay overnight in the campgrounds because stop in inappropriate places is forbidden.  But don’t worry, your biggest “problem” will be to choose one campsite from diversity of others, placed along all roads.

Many families have the little children and so often the interests of adults differ from the kids. Without any doubt, trip should be awesome for both. For this purpose the golden mean is a good decision.

Here is approximate plan for visiting the best California features. If you have got RV for rent, the plan is pretty grand: first drive through San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, and then go on Highway 1, enjoying the views of the ocean, towards Los Angeles and Santa Monica, where you can sunbathe for five days.

Day 1-8 San Francisco

San Francisco is the hills from which you can see the ocean, yachts, and houses. The turquoise and blue light is everywhere, the wind blows, but the houses are all different and colored. It is so interesting to walk around the city and imagine what it’s like to live here. For children there are playgrounds, for example in the park Dolores. It looks like in the museum of modern art because playground was built under the control of designers. The other place for children is the Children’s Creativity Museum. In Zeum, you can glue the cartoon yourself out of improvised materials, make a clip, dress up in costumes, build a giant lock of soft blocks, play an iPad, built in a fly agaric, and, of course, make something from paper and plasticine in a creative laboratory. Go across the Golden Gate Bridge: to be honest, a trip by car on it impresses much more than a view from the shore.

Day 9 Napa Valley

The Paraduxx winery is a paradise: the wine is served in the shade of huge trees, where you escape from the scorching sun, a light snack is served. Each sort is described, but not obtrusively. They make stunning red blends: they mostly mix up “cabernet-sauvignon”, “zinfandel” and “merlot”.

Day 10-15 Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is not just a big park; it’s gigantic, about the size of half of California. Inside the very park of hotels is very small, and for the summer they are booked for six months in advance. But the main thing is nature! Yosemite is an ideal place for hiking. But in case you are with children, just enjoy sightseeing instead of extreme hiking.

Day 15-18 Highway 1

Drive your Sacramento RV in the direction of Los Angeles on track number 1, the most picturesque highway of the West Coast. Because of the turn now and then there were such beauties that you will throw everything and run to be photographed.

Day 18 Santa Monica and Los Angeles

Don’t waste an opportunity to see night Los Angeles.  Besides, you may have a fantastic view from telescope.

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