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Basics for National Parks camping

USA is a huge country with big amount of beautiful places to camp. Some of them are far away, some of them easy to visit, but for a comfortable trip you need to have a house on wheels or take RV for rent.  Millions of acres of USA’s pristine locations have been preserved as public access lands for the enjoyment of all Americans. The best way to visit these locations is by recreation vehicles. The advantage of such trips is that you can make a route covering several places of interest. Popular places for camping are national parks.

There are about 400 National Parks in USA which you can visit on your RV. Almost all parks have camping facilities for trailers, motorhomes, tent campers etc. But if you travel to the National Park at first you should know several rules for your camping to be great.

Plan your way to the Park

Many national parks are in beautiful places but to reach them you need only go by winding or gravel roads. There are lots of websites, tools and navigators for RVs that can help you to reach the park safely. For example, Mountain Directory Travel Guide gives the description of roads and mountains passes which are going to the Parks. Also, check the possibility of road closure, especially in snowy weather. It’s not too fun to discover that the road is blocked, and you should to turn back on your Sacramento trailer and go longer than you planned.

Know your RV’s size

In park’s camping there are lots of restrictions about height and length of RV. Measure your RV from bumper to bumper with towed vehicle – it would be the length. If you want to rent RV and go on a trip you will get all information about it, including sizes. The height includes any objects above the roof. The width measurements include all sides-out.

Know campground limits

All campgrounds in national parks are in places surrounded by rocks, trees and canyons. Learn all information about campgrounds by visiting park’s site. There you can find all features that propose the camping in the park and all limits for RV: size of parking, availability of hookups, seasonable conditions.

Be ready to boondocks

Many campgrounds in national parks haven’t all facilities that people need during traveling. Be ready to camp off-grid. It means you must have water conservation, propane supply and generator power. Also learn how your RV works while using generator of power and how long you can stay before emptying your waste tanks.

For RV lovers comfort is the important part of traveling. But going to stay at national parks be ready to of many features. Though you learn all information before the beginning of the trip you will be ready to all situations. Remember that if you want to be closer to beautiful nature you should camp at boondocks. In this case you see all pristine places in the park. Following all the above advices you will have a great experience in RV traveling with Sacramento trailer or motorhome .