American RV Dream

American RV Dream

Over almost 100 years of existence, caravanning has become a national type of rest and a way of life of many Americans. The emergence and wide dissemination of caravanning in the USA is obvious. What is the other way to travel so comfortable across such a big country? Of course, there is only one way — to find perfect trailers for sale in Sacramento and go to unstoppable adventures.

The history of American caravanning started in the 20s, when Americans engineers would make their first trailers. They used to take tents for overnight stays, folding beds and kitchen accessories on a trip. Then they began to build wooden mini houses, which were set on the Ford T. The ones were called “tin Lizzie”.

The first motorhomes used to being produced manually and were intended to travel. Ten years later appeared trailers for sale in Sacramento and in others cities. In the motorhomes of the 30s there were electricity, a water system, a kitchen and a bedroom. Outlandish motorhomes were very popular, and since the market always respond to the demands, the production of campers was put on stream. There was a huge number of different motorhomes, trailer-tents, trailers, folding awnings, mobile homes in which people lived permanently, and tourist campers.

Today, the production of RV in America beats sales` record in the world. Many Americans live in motorhomes all the time. Every year more than 30 million caravaners go to travel around the country. Americans know that there is no better way to explore the country than to travel by a campervan. Based on all this, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the production of campers in the US is at a high level. Today you can join this movement and get Sacramento RV for rent.

Every year campgrounds and resorts in America are filled with auto travelers. As the demand grows, increases the number of offers. Each caravan market of American motorhomes offers a model that meets its needs and requirements.

In accordance with RVIIA research over the past ten years, the number of owners of motorhomes increased from 9 to 10.4 million families. Over the past four years, the number of owners of motor homes has increased to 15%, and since 1980 this figure has increased to 58%. This statistic does not include those who take transport for rent. Just imagine how many people have already traveled with RV rental Sacramento!

According to the research results, the main buyer of motor homes is a baby boomer generation. Now these people are about 35-54 years old and in the near future most of them will retire. In this regard, a boom in the campers market is expected.

According to the American classification, all RVs are divided into three main categories: motorhomes, trailers and houses, where they live permanently. Motorhomes are divided into three classes: class A, class B, class C, which we provide for customers, either like a purchase or hire.

Our company offers you to rent any class of RV at our parks and try this adorable way to travel.


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