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American Campsites

American campsites are a great place to spend time away from bustling hotels, large crowds of people and numerous tourist queues. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a spontaneous journey with a house on wheels. But, if you would like to visit these magnificent places without buying a personal recreational vehicle,  just rent it at RV parks Sacramento CA.

Now let’s talk more about the most famous and popular camps in the United States.

Camping Wawona in Yosemite National Park.

This camping is located in the depths of the reserve and includes about 93 separate areas for tourists. Places here must be booked in advance, especially in the season from April to October. What offers camping? It offers the tent space, equipped fireplace, car (trailer) and fridges. The cost of such a pleasure per day is $ 20. Camping Wawona is considered the most romantic of all, as it is here that the world-famous Route 66 runs. This place is worth it to rent RV and go there.

Camping Lodgepole in Sequoia Park.

This camping has about 14 separate campsites, with a capacity for tents of around 800. The Americans themselves love this place very well and call it the Redwood Empire, due to the fact that there are huge trees (sequoia), aged 2 to 4 thousand years old. The main attraction is the Sherman tree, the most gigantic tree in the world, which is 4,000 years old. The cost of living per day is $22. The campsite offers showers, toilets, a place for a tent, an equipped fireplace, only some parking places suggest the placement in the trailer, the rest provide a place for a tent. There is a supermarket nearby, where you can find everything you need for rest.

National Park Grand Canyon. Mather camping.

As you know, the Grand Canyon is a symbol of America and is carefully guarded by local rangers (they, by the way, follow the order in all campsites). In order to spend the night in camping area, you need to send an application 4 months beforehand. Entrance is $ 25. Depending on the conditions that you expect (overnight in the tent, in the house, in the trailer) the cost starts from $18 per day. Camping offers showers, toilets, a supermarket, a place for a fire and readily accepts travelers all year round.

San Diego Camping KOA.

This is a network of campsites. It`s developed so much that you can use saunas, swimming pools, internet, and cable TV, not to mention modern showers, toilets and supermarkets. The main attraction of the area is that the camping is on the coast. Prices are quite different, since there are all types of accommodation, even small town safari.

Grant Village. Yellowstone Nature Reserve.  

It works from June to September. So now is the best time to rent an RV and go here. The cost of overnight is $26. It is better to book a place at least a month. Here is a road, 230 kilometers away. Having traveled along it you can see all the sights of the reserve. Camping offers laundry, showers, toilets, supermarkets, campfires, tents and trailers.

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