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There are a lot of different information about the main types of recreational vehicles. In this amount of information, reviews and comments, it’s very easy to get lost. Not everyone has time and patience to study all aspects. We have tried to collect basic information and give you a small description of the basic types of transport for recreation. Anyway, you need to learn something about RVs, before you get an RV for rent. It’s easy to understand those who do not want to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with all the nuances of different terms, classes and specific types of the recreational vehicles. There are a lot of terms, and here we want to give you the most important of them and some useful and short information about the classes of RVs.

You can often meet such terms as:

  • recreational vehicle,
  • motorhome,
  • camper,
  • trailer,
  • house on wheels,
  • and others.

Recreational vehicle is a formal term that used for the most part of documentation, in official presentations. Also you often meet his abbreviation like ‘RV’. It combines all types of transport for recreation. This term has more technical definition than the motorhome, for example. The rest of the titles are more informal and used in ordinary conversation. Often they imply more specific differences and types of RVs. Motorhome, camper or house on wheels — that’s all about recreational vehicle, but it differences with some features of transport. Mobile home rentals surprise with their diversity, so anyone can find something that is perfect for him.

What about classes of RVs? There are three main classes and a few additional ones.

Class A often is distinguished by the possibility of expanding the housing space. In such motorhomes you often can find special slide-out parts, that make your motorhome a little bigger during your stops. Usually these luxury houses are quite spacious and with a lot of conveniences.

Class B looks like a van. Most often it is campervan, made on the basis of modern vans such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and others. A standard set of facilities in such motorhomes are a kitchen, a portable toilet and an external shower.

Class C is very popular, it has a comfortable driver’s seat, plenty of space for several people. The highlight of many Class C RVs is the second floor, where is often located a double bed or a lounge zone.

There are also such types of transport as Truck Campers, Pop-up Campers and Travel Trailers. The trailer can always be left somewhere in the city or camping and so you can go to explore the nearest attractions on your own car without your house on wheels. In the Sacramento RV park you can get travel trailer rental and find some other interesting models of recreational vehicles.

Mobile home rentals are very exciting way to spend your vacation. You will never forget those wonderful moments that you will spend together with your friends and family somewhere far away in nature. Choosing the right recreational vehicle is easy enough if you contact us for advice and assistance. We try to provide you with the information you need and we are always happy to help you find a great house on wheels.

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